LINEAR Multichannel Keyless Entry


$ 53.90 PRICE

Lighted keypad. Wireless garage door keyless entry for Linear radio controls using 310 MHz frequency. Powered by, supplied, 9-volt battery.  For use with Linear Delta 3 receiver (DR) and DT or Ladybug remotes.

See Additional Information, below, for programming instructions.

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Additional Information:

Programming Instructions:

  1. Check receiver internal code switch settings or the internal code switch settings on your remote.  Write down, in desending order from 8 to 1, all the "ON" switches.
  2. Enter a digit for each receiver switch "ON" position in descending order.  The operator should activiate when the Start/Stop button is pressed after entering the valid keypad code.

Note: for nighttime operation press the Start/Stop key first, then press the door code keys as described above, followed again by the Start/Stop key.