Linear MDTK Keyless Entry


$ 39.95 PRICE

Linear lighted keypad with flip-up cover using rolling code (Megacode) technology.   Use with Linear Megacode radio controls (remotes) having frequency 318.

See Additional Information, below, for programming instructions.

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Additional Information:

Programming Instructions:

  1. Press the operators Learn Button (located on the side of the Linear motor head; if a seperate Linear Receiver, see side of unit).  Note: pressing the Learn Button for more than 10 seconds will erase all keypad codes and remote controls.
  2. While the Learn Light is on, enter a 1-6 digit keypad code and press the keypad's Start/Stop key.  Operator lights flash when the keypad code is accepted.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for any additional keypad codes, such as a second Linear receiver, for opening additional doors.

Note: at night, press the Start/Stop key first to light the keypad.   Then enter the keypad code, followed by the Start/Stop key, to operate door.