GENIE Limit Switch Screw Drive


$ 8.81 PRICE

For all Genie standard screw drive units, other than the newest magnetic limits for excelerator screw drives and the newest line of TriloG and PowerMax screw drives with models 3064, 4064, 3062, and 4062.   For screw drive magnetic limits see 33950S.S and 33950R.S, magnetic-down and magnetic-up limits respectively.   Used on the standard Genie Screw drive models and the PCG400, PCG600, and GCG350 Chain Glides.   Includes the Python 510 and 710.  Also includes the new line of DirectLift 2060 and DirectLift Plus 3060 screw drive units.

See part number 20467R for the GCG350L and Pythons 550 and 750.     For the GCG350ML: see part number 34538S.S for the magnetic down-limit, and 34538R.S  for the magnetic up-limit.

Includes self-tapping screw.

Additional Information:

The Genie limit switch screw drive is a lever that shuts off the motor of your Genie garage door opener once it has opened or closed. One is used to shut off the door in the open position and one for the closed position. A small trolley used to lift or close your door, is connected to your worm screw and rides along the Genie rail. This trolley, or carriage, will flip the plastic lever and cause the motor to turn off. Over time, these parts can corrode and become brittle, so at some point down the road they may need to be replaced.

The limit switch you see here is compatible with all Genie screw drive units, with the exception of the newest magnetic limits for Excelerator screw drives and the newer channel rail screw drives, which use internal limits. (For screw drive magnetic limits, see 33950S.S and 33950R.S, magnetic-down and magnetic-up limit switches, respectively.)

Also compatible with the H4000, H6000, IS/ISL/IMS A/B, G-CL SERIES, DirectLift 2060L, DirectLift Plus 3060L, 2560, 3560, PCG400PCG600, and GCG350 chain glides, as well as the Python 510 and 710 models. See part number 20467R for the GCG350L and Pythons 550 and 750. For the GCG350ML, see part number 34538S.S for the magnetic down-limit, and 34538R.S for the magnetic up-limit.

If you have any further questions about compatibility, you're always welcome to give us a call today at (800) 711-8410, and we'll help you find the right parts for your Genie garage door opener.