Genie Rail Coupler


$ 5.25 PRICE

Used for attaching the screw of Genie screw drive rail to the motor head.  This coupler is made to break away if the door hits a hard obstruction, thereby protecting the motor.  If the motor of the screw drive Genie runs, but the screw is not turning, this coupler needs replaced.  For Genie’s with split-rail screw drives, make sure you are looking at the rail screw nearest to the motor to determine the need for replacement.

Used with the following AC model screw drives: CM8600, PRO95, PowerLift, DirectLift 2060L, 3060L, PRO99, CMD9900, H8000, ISD1000, QuietLift 4560.

Additional Information:

The Genie Rail Coupler connects the screw drive rail of your Genie garage door opener to the motor. Typically this is the part that needs to be replaced if your motor is running but the screw drive rail won't turn. It's designed to decouple from the motor if the door is obstructed as it closes or opens, preserving the internal components of the motor.

If you have a Genie garage door opener that features split-rail screw drives, this component replaces the coupler for the screw rail closest to the motor. If the motor is running but the screw in the rail section closest to the motor is not turning, this coupler needs replaced.  If instead, the closest section screw is turning, but the screw in one or both of the other sections is not turning, than the collar and spring clip, 19806A04 and 19807A04, need to be replaced.  The collar and spring clip connect the screw in the 2nd and 3rd rail sections to the screw in the first section.

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