GENIE Wall Console 3-Function


$ 30.95 PRICE

For GENIE Intellicode garage door openers using Series II circuit boards.  Your present wall console will say Series II on the back, above the 2-wire lead terminals (refer to picture 3 and click to enlarge).  Lighted multi-button console with one button for light only, one button for door and light time delay, and a vacation switch to shut the system down.  This console connects to a 2-wire lead (your wall button wire should consist of 2 wires).

Additional Information:

This wall console gives you more flexibility in controlling your Genie Intellicode garage door opener. It relies on the security of Genie's Intellicode "rolling code" system to ensure that the contents of your garage are safe. It features a three-button interface: One button for the light only, one for the door and light time delay, and a third to put your door in vacation mode, which shuts it down so that it can't be opened by an intruder. 

You should be able to use this console if your garage door opener has Series II circuit boards. If you're not sure whether this is the type of system you have, detach your current wall console and look at the circuit board on the back. It should have a Series II label on it, as well as a 2-wire connection.

For more information on compatibility and questions about whether this wall console will work with your Genie garage door opener, contact today by calling (800) 711-8410.