Genie GBWCSL2-GDC-BX Replacement Wall
Console / Switch


$ 31.55 PRICE

The Genie GPWC-BX has been discontinued and replaced with the GBWCSL2-BX (Series II).  This new replacement Genie Wall Console is made with a sturdier frame and better, more responsive push buttons that click when pushed, regardless of where they are pressed.  Another obvious feature is the vacation switch.  It is now a switch, rather than another button, which avoids accidentally activating the vacation mode feature.

The GPWC and the new console only work on Series II Genie systems.  Your present GPWC-BX wall console will say Series II on the back, above the 2-wire lead terminals (refer to picture 3 and click to enlarge). All Series II use Intellicode radio controls with a learn button for programming.

Included with this GPWC-BX replacement console are the mounting screws and a convenient set of instructions for programming remotes, slipped into a handy side slot at the top right corner of the console.

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This product replaces these parts:

  • GBWC2-BX