Genie DC Screw Drive Controller Board


$ 57.48 PRICE

Used only on Genie Excellerator model openers.   These Genie garage door openers use a DC motor.   This board controls the speed option, open and close force adjustments, and radio receiver.    As with all circuit boards, this item is not returnable.    If unsure of what board you need, check sticker on relay box of existing circuit board for part number.              

Compatibility Questions?

Often times manufacturers have multiple part numbers for the same product. To eliminate some of the confusion, see the list below to confirm that this product will work for you.

This product replaces these parts:

  • 4060
  • 4560
  • 4560-CTFRV
  • CMD9900
  • H8000
  • H8000-07
  • H8000-08
  • ISD990
  • ISD995
  • ISD1000
  • PRO99
  • PRO99-2IC