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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we try to list the most frequently asked questions about our garage door openers. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. You can find the answers to these questions contained below the list by scrolling down this page.


How do I find the garage door part I need on your Web site?

You can search by manufacturer name, such as Genie, or by category, such as transmitter. Both the manufacturer and category searches are shown on the side of every page. You can also search by part name or by part number by entering into the search space provided on every page and clicking Go. If you can't find the garage door part you need on our site you can call us at 800-711-8410.

What Genie carriage do I purchase?

Also see Troublshooting Guides.  If it is a Genie screw drive system you can safely purchase the model 36179R.S for any screw drive made, except the Genie models 400 and 401, made in the 1960's.

If it is a Genie chain drive opener, with an open chain on a black T-rail, you need the model 20438R carriage. This carriage works with an inner slide, 25605R, sold seperately, that attaches to the chain.

If you have a Genie chain glide opener, there are several models, all originally using 2 different style carriages. For models PCG 400, 600, and GCG350 the original carriage, 20432R with an accompanying inner slide 33048A, are both obsolete! Genie now only makes one style carriage, model 20466R with an accompanying inner slide, model 33677A. This carriage and inner slide are originally made for the Genie models PCG 450, 650, 700 and GCG350L. If you have a model PCG400, 600 or GCG350, you must convert to the newer style carriage 20466R and purchase the 33677A inner slide to work with the newer carriage.

The easiest way to determine between the two style chain glide carriages is to measure the inner slide length. The newer style inner slide, 33677A, that accompanies the 20466R carriage, measures approximately 9 inches long. In contrast, the older style inner slide, 33048A, now obsolete, measured approximately 5 inches in length at its base.

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How do I determine what garage door opener transmitter to buy?

First, note who is the manufacturer. Garage door transmitters are not interchangeable between different manufacturers and the brand garage door opener on the ceiling does not necessarily mean that your radio controls are of the same make. Then, check the model number and the frequency number of one of your existing transmitters. You should be able to find these numbers printed on the transmitter case. If they are worn off, open the transmitter case or battery case and see if there is a group of small numbered set switches inside. If so, it is a digital garage door transmitter and there is a good chance a compatible transmitter of the same make is still available. Unlike before, for the last 15 years Genie, as well as other make garage door openers, have been using the same frequency radio controls. Each manufacturer usually has there own frequency. Transmitters earlier than this are no longer made by any of the manufacturers listed on this site.

If you do not have any transmitters for your garage door opener, check to see if there is a floppy antenna wire extending from your garage door opener motor head. The set switches or a learn button will be located near this antenna wire. This also means that the radio controls are the same brand as your garage door opener. A Learn button, or Smart button in most cases means you have rolling code radio controls and the corresponding remote is tuned to the receiver using these buttons. For a list of Genie models and their corresponding remotes go to Genie Garage Door Openers and Remotes.

The Genie Learn Button is a small black button about 1/8 " in diameter and is usually not marked. A picture of this button is in our Troubleshooting Guide page. The Chamberlain Liftmaster or Sears openers have a square colored Learn Button, located where the external wiring connects to the motor head. A green colored Learn Button corresponds to an 81LM or 83LM remote. Red or Amber colored Learn Buttons, for Security + systems, use 971LM or 973LM remotes and the newer Purple Learn Buttons use the 371LM 372LM or 373LM remotes.

For Liftmaster and Sears garage door openers:

If you look on the back of the motor head, where the terminal strip is located, you will either find a set of numbered switches (1 through 9) with +, 0, - settings, or a colored square button. If you have the numbered switches, you want the 61LM model transmitter. If, instead, you have a colored, square button, check to see what color the indicator light, adjacent to this button, emits when it is pressed. If the indicator light is the color green, you want the model 81LM remote transmitter, if the indicator light is an amber color, you want the model 971LM transmitter. Click this link for a cross reference guide to go to Sears, Liftmaster and Chamberlain Reference parts.

The newest line of Liftmaster openers use remotes which operate on a 315 MHz frequency, instead of 390 MHz. These remote transmitters are 370LM, 371LM, and 373LM. To purchase these remotes go to Chamberlain / Liftmaster / Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener remotes.

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How do I program my Intellicode or Security Plus Transmitter?

The code changes every single time you press the button. It is a rolling code transmitter and there are 4.5 billion combinations, so it is never on the same frequency twice! If you've lost a transmitter you can delete out all of the transmitters programmed into you garage door opener by holding
down on the learn button until the light stops blinking. The learn button is behind the light lens and is close to the floppy antenna wire. Some models require you to unscrew 2 bolts on the light lens to be able to remove the lens and access the learn button. For Sears, Chamberlain or Liftmaster radio controls, the "Smart Button" is usually on the terminal board and is most often located behind the motor head.

To reprogram each transmitter, push the learn button, or smart button momentarily and the red light for Genie will start blinking. For Sears, Chamberlain or Liftmaster, an amber or green light will light. These lights will blink or stay lit for up to 30 seconds. In that time press one of your transmitters 3 or 4 times until the garage door starts moving. Keep the transmitter at least 2 feet away from the antenna.
Perform the same process with each transmitter.

If you are in need of an Intellicode transmitter (GIT-1 / ACSCTG Type 1, GIT-3 / ACSCTG Type 3, GMIC-2 / ACSMG1 Type 2), you can find them on our website in the Genie section. The Sears, Chamberlain or Liftmaster transmitters can be found in their respective section, or by using our Category listing on the side of this page and clicking onto Transmitter / Receivers. You can go directly to this page by clicking Garage Door Openers Transmitters/Receivers.

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How do I program my in-car transmitter?

Homelink in-car transmitter instructions can be found in the Programming Instructions section of this Web site.

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My Genie garage door opener is pretty old. Are transmitters still available?

Older Genie transmitters with frequencies other than 390 MHz, are not compatible with ones made today by Genie. For the last 15 years, Genie has produced radio controls having only one frequency. This 390MHz frequency comes in models GT912 and GT90 transmitters, which contain privacy code setting switches, and the latest model series GIT, Intellicode, rolling code transmitters.  Remote models GT90 GT95, AT90, AT95, AT85, and GT912 are no longer made, but you can purchase the either the GM3T or 375LM master remotes in their place.

If your garage door transmitter has a frequency number on the cover other than 390 (such as 290, 295, 300, 305, 310, 315, 320, or 325), it is not compatible with any transmitters Genie presently makes. If you wish to keep your present garage door opener system and change the radio controls, your choice is to purchase all new radio controls for your garage door opener. To do this you need the GenGMIC-2ie radio control kit, GIRUD-1T.  Extra remotes for this system use model G2T series (also known as TBSTG series), GICTD-1. GIFT390-1 or GIT390-4 to work with this receiver. You can find these controls on our website in the Genie Transmitter section.

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My garage door opener works great, but I can't find radio controls that are compatible my system. What can I do?

Your choice is to either buy a new garage door opener or buy new radio controls for your existing garage door opener. The radio controls consist of a receiver (model 365LM) and transmitters or remotes (model 371LM). These radio controls will work with any garage door opener. You can find these parts by going to our website in the Genie Transmitters and Receiversection or Liftmaster/Sears Transmitters and Receiver.

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My transmitter has small numbered switches inside the case. How do I program my transmitter to my garage door opener?

These transmitters have a base frequency of 390 and have set switches inside their covers for determining your personal code. The switch settings are matched with the same set of switches inside the receiver on the ceiling in your garage. Programming these garage door transmitters involves matching the settings on the receiver switches with those of your transmitter. If you desire to change the frequency, set some of the switches on or off on the receiver and then match the new settings on the transmitter. The receiver is located wherever you find the floppy antenna wire. In most cases, it will be behind the Genie light lens. In some cases it is a separate box with a set of three wires, white black and red, attaching the receiver to the head of the motor.

Please note that a nine switch receiver will not work with a 12 switch transmitter and a 12 switch receiver is not compatible with a 9 switch transmitter.

Garage door transmitters can be purchased on our Web site store under your garage door opener manufacturer.

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My garage door opener will not close using the transmitters. It will only close if I hold down on the wall button.

See our Troubleshooting section in this Web site.

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How do I select a keyless entry pad opener for my garage door?


There are several different model keyless entry pads on the market. They can be divided into two main groups; wireless and hardwired. Hardwired keypads can be installed on any make garage door opener system and are shown on our website as the Genie model KEP1 or the generic Domino Keypad. The easiest keypads to install, and in many cases, best working keypads, are the latest, wireless models. Wireless keypads operate like a remote transmitter and use a 9-volt battery for power.


Not all garage door openers have radio controls that can accommodate a wireless keypad. With wireless keypads it is necessary to purchase the same brand keypad as your radio controls, and your radio controls cannot be older than 15 years. For Genie, Chamberlain, Lift master, or Sears brand radio controls, you must have a frequency of 390 MHz, shown usually on the remote transmitter case as simply 390.


Usually, if you can find a set of small numbered dip or slide switches inside the remote transmitter; your radio controls can accommodate a wireless keypad made by the same brand manufacturer. Each manufacturer will make two or more wireless keypads and your system will only work with one of these models. You can find all of our keypads by going to the Shop by Category listing on the side of this page and clicking on Keyless Entry, or go directly to Garage Door Openers Keyless Entry Systems.

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